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1.What is the difference between translating and interpreting?

2.What basic working knowledge that an interpreter should have?

3.What are the benefits from interpreter?

4.What are the skills needed to be an interpreter?

5.Please explain some modes for interpreting?

6.Please explain how to be a successful interpreter?

7.In your opinion, what are some problems that may encounter by an interpreter?

8.In your opinion, what is the difference of regular interpreter and a sworn interpreter?

9.As an interpreter, you were working to be an interpreter for Ed Sheeran. As his gratitude and the successful of the event, he was giving you two copies of his signed album and ticket to his upcoming concert. Would you accept it or not? What was the reason?

10.As an interpreter, you were working as an interpreter for President Jokowi and Prime Minister of Irlandia Leo Varadkar discussing about international maritime relationship and future plans of commerce. Would you be a blabber mouth about the whole deal or would you keep it a secret? Please explain your answer.


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