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“Miss Congeniality”: A Cross Cultural Understanding View

Dipublikasikan pada : 24 April 2018.


A film titled “Miss Congeniality” tells about a FBI agent, Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock), who is very masculine. Although she is a woman, she never does like woman commonly do. She never brushes her hair and the way she laughing and eating is definitely not like a woman. The story begins when she is involved in suspect arresting. At that time, she does not obey the rule and she is punished. Her boss punishes her by not involving her in the next case. In other words, she has to work behind the table. But, she cannot stand for any longer to work like that, so she asked her partner also her best friend, Eric Matthews, to involve her in the case that he led. The case is bomb treatment at the contest of Miss USA. At that time, Matthews is looking for appropriate woman to pretend as one of the candidates of Miss USA. And Hart is chosen.  Of course, it is not an easy thing for Hart. She has to change her appearance and her behavior. In the process of changing, she is helped by Victor Meilin, a counselor of Miss USA. After spending several times, the suspect has not recognized yet. In the middle of contest, suddenly, the boss cancels the pretending because of the suspect has been arrested in somewhere. But Hart does not in that view. She is strongly sure that the suspect is Mrs. Morningside. But she has to find the evidence. That is why she chooses to stay there to safe her friends, the candidates of Miss USA, although she has to work not as a FBI agent. For the first time, Matthews does not agree with Hart but after getting information from Victor Meilin, he decides to back to the contest and help Hart. Finally, the suspect appears. She is Mrs. Morningside, a person who holds the contest of Miss USA. She does like that because of her disappointment of being fired. She puts bomb in the crown of Miss USA.  Although Hart and Matthews make a chaos in the final contest, they finish the case successfully. The story ends by showing that Hart and Matthews fall in love each other.



The relationship among Hart and Matthews is commonly happen. They start as the best friend in one office and become a circle of friends. It occurs because they spend many times together in one particular time and place. At the first time, they treat each other naturally like a best friend. But after the changes of Hart and they see the different thing in each other, they start to fall in love and start to make a special relationship. It shows us that a common relationship can become a special relationship.

Meanwhile, the relationship occur among Hart and the all candidates of Miss USA contest is started by feeling dislike which is coming from Hart to all girls in the contest. At the first time she feels that all the girls there is stupid and just think about their beauty. But after time goes by, she knows that all the girls are very kind and smart. She is really treated well by all of them and she start to love them. That is why Hart does not want to leave them before the suspect is arrested. From that phenomenon, it can be concluded that friendship can be started by dislike feeling. And it also teaches us to not judge someone based on her/his appearance.