Foundation of ESP

Dipublikasikan pada : 7 April 2018.


Semester Genap TA 2017 – 2018


Mata Kuliah            : Foundation sof ESP

SKS                        : 2

Semester                 : 4

Sifat Ujian              : Open Book

Waktu                     : 90 Menit

Kelas                       : 2016 B1 / B2/ B3/ B4

Program Studi         : PB. Inggris

Dosen                      : Rissa San Rizqiya, M.Pd.



Choose five of the following questions and give clear answers.

  1. ‘The clear relevance of the English course to their needs would improve the learners’ motivation and thereby make learning better and faster’ (Hutchinson and Waters, 1986:8)
  2. Give three ways in which ‘relevance’ can be achieved.
  3. In what ways can motivation affect language learning?
  4. There are five stages of the development of ESP. Explain three of them.
  5. All language teaching should be based on learner needs. Thus in theory there is no difference between ESP and General English teaching; in practice, however, there is a great deal of difference. Do you agree with this statement? What differences, either in theory or in practice, do you think there are?
  6. In what ways do the interests of linguistic research and language teaching differ?
  7. What is the implication of knowing the difference of language learning and language acquisition?
  8. Explain the picture in your own word and give example in language learning.
  9. In what ways will an awareness of need affect an ESP course?
  10. A learning-centered approach to course design is complex and time consuming. Do you think it is worth the trouble?