Materi Perkuliahan

Bhs Inggris utk Karya Ilmiah_PB Ind

1. Silabus Bahasa Inggris Untuk Karya Ilmiah 2021 2. Typical structure of a reserch paper-IMRaD 4. Simple Present Tense 7. Passive Voice 9. B Ing Karya Ilmiah_Isry & Nai 11. HOW TO WRITE RESULT AND DISCUSSION Ebook_Academic_Writing_Guide Ebook_Elements_of_Style_Scientific Paper Ebook_How To Write And Publish A Scientific Paper 8th Edition PDF
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Reading for Academic Purposes_Part of textbook

2a. Exercises Unit 1 + 2

Listening in Professional Context_Interjection, Pronunciation, Numeral information, Confirmation

2b. List in PC 2020-Interjection+Pronunciation+Numerical+Confirmation

Listening in Professional Context_Doing Business Internationally

3b. List in PC 2019-Soal Doing business internationally

Video of Learning English Grammar

English Grammar_with Answer Key


Reading for General Communication_Enrichment

1.How to Answer Comprehension Questions 2.How to increase your vocabulary power 3.Inferring From the Text 4. Improve your reading_Murdoch univ

Reading for General Communication

RPS Reading for Gencom 2020-dikonversi-dikompresi-11a. More Reading Power_ Reading Faster, Thinking Skills, Reading for Pleasure, Comprehension Skills ( PDFDrive )

Listening for Academic Purposes

RPS_Listening For Academic Purposes_2020-dikonversi-dikompresi

Children Language Teaching & Practice (CLTP)

1. CELTP_Intro-Basic Concept2. CELTP_Theories-Multiple Intlg-ClassroomLang3. CELTP_Teaching Vocab-Grammar-Skills-ICT3. CELTP-Teaching Grammar to YL4. CELTP_Assessing-Class Management-Matrls5-7. CELTP_Making Teaching Media8. CELTP_Lesson PlanContoh Media EYL_IsryZein-2018-ClassroommanagementforteachingEnglishtoyounglearnersVocabulary_growth_2017Teknis Dig Story Telling 2_ETP123_p18-19Sukirmiyadi_2018_J._Phys.__Conf._Ser._953_012236simposium-binggris-sdLocalityandselfidentity_2009Ika LD-EYL in Ind-2008From_storytelling_to_story_writing_2017Developing Engl Materials-2015Bhs Ing di SD-2018Are we serious about our primary English8. Jurnal JEE vol 2 no 2 July 2019 RPS_CLTP_2020-dikonversi-dikompresi